Appliance Maintenance

Appliance Maintenance Tips

Time for maintenance: for many of us, the start of a new year is a time to organize and clean things, especially after the holidays. At On Premise Appliance Repair, we recommend deep cleaning all your home appliances at least once a year. Doing so will extend your appliance’s useful life and avoid dealing with any bad orders or clogged filters that can be very problematic.

Familiarize yourself with your appliance maintenance routines.

Today, modern appliances feature options and settings that offer better results. Still, it would be best to be familiar with these features to take full advantage of your appliance. We recommend reading the user manual, especially the maintenance portion. This knowledge can dramatically impact the performance and longevity of your home appliance.

Inspect your home appliances.

Although trouble with your home appliances is not always visible, we recommend visually inspecting your kitchen or laundry appliances for premature wear or broken or displaced parts when our home appliances get old, like a dishwasher, the plate rack can get rusted over time, releasing tiny particles that can clog the dishwasher pump filter, leading to a costlier repair job.

Clean and disinfect

Keeping your appliances free of debris or spills is always a good idea. Especially those surfaces that might have contact with foods. But also consider cleaning your washing machine since it can be a source of stagnated water and mold growth, leading to a very offensive odor. Also, the inside of these appliances needs to be kept clean. Pay special attention to your refrigerator. Always use the recommended cleaning supplies to avoid damaging your appliance’s surfaces and finishes.

The good news is that many of these maintenance tasks are designed to be performed by the user. But always know when it is time to talk to a professional. If you notice any malfunction or strange new noises or orders, it might be time to contact On Premise Appliance Repair.