Service Call

Service Call – Appliance Repair Tips

Things to consider before placing a service call: When one of our home appliances breaks and we need help from an appliance repair contractor, it is always good to remember these handy tips. They will help make the service call much more productive and avoid unforeseen issues. Some of these tips seem obvious, but we decided to include them for the sake of being thorough.

Make sure you clear your schedule for the service call.

You will have to know from the appliance repair company when the service call will occur. Unless you are the first scheduled service call, you will probably get a window of time for the repair technician to show up instead of a set time. Our technicians’ ample experience allows them to estimate repair times accurately. However, since each appliance repair is unique, it is impossible to know how long it will take. So, by the time our technicians are working on their fourth or fifth job of the day, there is no way they can know at one time they will arrive at their next scheduled service call. That is why we provide you with a window of time.

Prepare for the service call.

You must clear the appliance before the technician shows up; ensure you have any additional paperwork you might need, like warranties or prior repair invoices, manuals, or extra parts you might have.

Clear the work area for the service call.

Organizing the area where the appliance repair job will occur is best. Doing this will save time that would otherwise be spent when the technician is already there. Ensure there is plenty of space and adequate lighting for the appliance repair to take place. 

Keep your pets in a separate area of the home.

Regardless of your pet’s temperament, relocating them to a separate area of your home is always a good idea. Even a friendly puppy can distract any repair technician working on your appliance. 

Review your payment options.

All our service calls incur a service fee of $65. However, we will waive the fee for any repair job we perform. Premise appliance repair never bills you extra if we need to return to complete the repair. For instance, when we are waiting for a part to arrive.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will always ensure that your appliance repair goes smoothly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help with one of your home appliances.