Cleaning Mold on Front Load Washer

Cleaning Mold on Front Load Washer

Why cleaning mold on a font-load washer is important. Front-load washing machines are known for being energy efficient, quiet, and very gentle on clothes, but one of the main complaints about them is the buildup of mold on the gasket. The design makes them susceptible to growing mold due to the position of the gasket, which can retain moisture providing a perfect environment for mold to grow.

The gasket used to prevent leaks makes a perfect hiding place for mold. As opposed to the old design of the top load washers, it doesn’t have the seal when closed, and it gives the drum time in between loads to dry out, and mold isn’t an issue. Soap suds, fabric softeners, and cold wash cycles all play a part in keeping the mold around on the front-loading units.

How To Remove Mold From The Rubber Seal On A Washing Machine

When cleaning a washing machine gasket covered in mold, it is important to clean both the visible upper surface of the seal and the underside where the water drains away. The underside is a common, hidden spot where mold accumulates and spreads around the machine and onto your laundry.

Mold buildup on this type of washer design is so common that several commercial products are available to clean it. A simple search on Amazon will provide you with options. The best way to remove mold and dark stains from your washing machine gasket is to use a commercial mildew remover, such as Star Brite from Walmart – especially if the stains are old and need a powerful cleaner to help remove them. 

Wear gloves to protect your skin and spray the solution directly onto the seal; use a clean rag or soft-bristled brush to work it into the stains, making sure to target the inside of the seal as well.

Other Options to Mold on Front Load Washer

  1. Other options are to use vinegar, which is a natural mold remover. Vinegar is much better than harsher chemicals, especially if you only maintain and do not need to clean the gasket thoroughly.
  2. You can also try to run a sanitizing cycle on your machine.
  3. Prevention is always the best choice, and it is simple. Keep the gasket dry. 

Please get in touch with us if the mold grows so much that you must replace the gasket.