Hot top of Dryer

Why Is The Top Of My Dryer Hot?

This could sound like a non-issue, but the top of the dryer should not be hot. Some may be warm, but if it’s too hot to hold your hand on, there could be a problem with the ventilation or the dryer. 

One thing homeowners might overlook is the importance of checking the vent duct every year. Many problems begin with a clogged vent duct. It could be from lint accumulation over years or birds nesting in the vent looking for a warm place. Some vents can be easily cleaned out if it goes straight out the side of the exterior wall, but others can be difficult because they run through the attic and out to the roof.

The latter design should be checked more often and is more susceptible to getting clogged. A blocked vent will cause airflow to be restricted and cause the dryer to overheat and not dry the clothes efficiently. This can also cause damage to internal parts of the dryer, such as a thermostat or fuse. If you have gotten the vent duct checked and the dryer is still hot, then it’s time to call a professional to look at the appliance. On-Premise Appliance Repair will get the job done! Contact us today!