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Why Is My Washer Not Filling With Water?

A functioning washer in your home will make life easier. But it can become a hassle if it suddenly stops working properly. One of the most common problems is the lack of incoming water. Before you want to call a pro, there are a few steps to check.

Check the water supply. This could sound crazy, but sometimes the water pressure could be cut off accidentally, or a valve could stop working. Another cause could be from a bad hose that has clogged up and stopped water flow to the washer. The next step is disconnecting the hoses to see if the lint screen is clogged with gunk and other sediments. This can happen to either hot or cold lines, and there is usually a filter connected to the inlet valve, and these valves sometimes get blocked. This is an easy fix, just turn off the water supply, disconnect the hoses, and remove anything you see blocking the flow. If these simple steps do not get the washer up and running again, then a part could have failed.

The three most common parts to check in this case are a bad lid switch, which is a safety switch that prevents the washer from running when the door is open. If the switch is bad, the washer will think the door is ajar and will not start a cycle. It can also be a bad water level switch; this switch tells the washer to shut off the water when the level is met. If this switch goes bad, it could tell the machine not to fill. Bad water inlet valve. Last but maybe the most common. This part is usually the culprit in this situation and is relatively easy to change. If you are comfortable repairing this, just order the part online and install it. If not, you can always call On Premise Appliance Repair to complete this repair!

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